Monthly Archives: September 2016

New book “How Music Works on the Ukulele”

I’m really pleased to announce that my new book has just been released. Here’s the blurb…

How Music Works on the Ukulele book coverHow Music Works on the Ukulele is an invaluable resource for ukulele players who want to move on from simply ‘following the pictures’ and begin to understand how the music they are playing works. Learn techniques and concepts that will allow you to jam with others without resorting to song sheets, recognise the patterns that make learning new songs a breeze, work out songs by ear, and create your own music. No prior knowledge is assumed, and no music reading is necessary, as everything is shown on the ukulele fingerboard.

It’s a 64 page, A4 wire-bound book, and it costs £15 plus p&p. You can order it now by going to the shop page.